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Wednesday, May 19, 2010


Cody's counts dropped so low this week they had to take him in to get a Platelet transfusion yesterday, Tuesday May 18th. His parents have to draw blood from his central line 2 times a week, Monday and Thursday. They got a call a couple hours after dropping the blood off at the hospital that he needed to come in for a transfusion. Yesterday morning they headed over to Humboldt General Hospital in Winnemucca to get some Platelets. About 2 hours into the transfusion Cody had a reaction to the Platelets. He couldn't breath, started swelling up, had big rashes all over and his hands were burning and hurt really bad. They had to give him some more benadryl, tylenol, solumedrol and a hydrocortisone shot to help with the reaction. This is the second time Cody has had an allergic reaction to a Platelet transfuion. They do give him benadryl before every transfusion because he has already had an allergic reaction while receiving a platelet transfusion. It didn't seem to help this time because he still had a reaction even with getting benadryl before starting. They were able to finish the transfusion and Cody was able to go home about an hour after the transfusion was complete. He is feeling better today after getting the transfusion but is still just exhausted all the time. Some of the small things just really wear him out. His counts are still really low so they need to be careful because he is really suseptible to infection but his counts should hopefully start coming up soon. He is due for his next round of Chemo next week, as long as his counts come up enough.


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