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Saturday, June 26, 2010


Just wanted to say thank you to Russ's side of the family. June 11-12 was the Lovell Reunion (Russ's mom's side). There was a table set up where they were accepting donations and selling Striking Back with Cody wristbands. The family pitched in and was able to raise some money to help with Cody's treatment. A special thank you to Whitney Teagle (Cody's cousin) who sat at the table collecting donations.

Thank you also to Mary Jordan (neighbor to Cheryl, Cody's sister) who has put together two fundraisers in the last month to help raise money for the family. June 10th was the Cookie Lee/Shop Girl Fashion fundraiser and June 16th she hosted a Party Lite Party. 25% of all sales from both parities were donated to Cody's Cancer Fund. Thank you Mary for all your efforts.

Mary and Cheryl at the Cookie Lee/Shop Girl Fashions Fundraiser on June 10th


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