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Monday, August 23, 2010

Happy 15th Birthday Cody!!!

Yesterday, August 23rd, Cody turned 15. Cody was planning on having some friends stay over to celebrate on the 18th but his labs came back and his counts were too low. So instead of a party he went to the hospital on Friday the 19th for 2 units of blood. Cody's counts are still low this week so today he is heading back to the hospital for 2 units of platelets.

Although Cody was not able to do anything special since his counts are low, his Aunt Nadine stopped by the house on his birthday with a very special surprise. An Authentic Autographed Steve Nash Jersey hand delivered by Dave Anderson. Anyone who knows Cody knows that he is a basketball fan and his favorite player is Steve Nash from the Phoenix Suns. What a nice surprise!!

Cody was also able to log on to the computer using their web cam and was able to open presents and have some cake with his sister, niece and nephew who live in San Diego. So I guess you could say he had an online birthday party. Not as good as the real thing but these days we take what we can get.


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