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Sunday, September 26, 2010

Huge step forward

Cody is doing so good. Since yesterday there has been such a huge improvement. They started Cody's feedings through his feeding tube last night around midnight and he is now on a clear liquid diet. He ate half a Popsicle earlier today. It did make him a bit nauseous but that was because he hasn't eaten anything for a week. They still have a drainage tube in his stomach so whatever he eats/drinks comes right out of the drainage tube but at least he can drink. Cody said the Popsicle tasted so good.

They removed his catheter and he is now getting up and down when he needs to and uses the restroom. They took his epidural out yesterday which was being used to control his pain. They have him on a pain pump now, which seems to be working to control the pain so far. He is even making jokes and laughing today, which of course hurt to laugh since he is cut from just below the sternum all the way down past his belly button but that made him laugh a little more. A sound I am sure was music to my parents ears.

They did move him out of the ICU this evening and he is on the regular floor. The doctors are really pleased with his progress. It seems like things have progressed pretty quickly the last two days let's hope it continues.


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