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Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Not what we wanted to hear.....

Monday Cody flew back to Texas. He had x-rays and scans done on Tuesday Oct. 18th. Today October 19th they met with Dr. Anderson to go over the results of the test and scans. Dr. Anderson had to deliver some not so good news. There are 3 spots in the lymph nodes near Cody's clavical, last time there was one small one. The spot near his liver was slightly bigger. There is also one on the right side of his chest along with a few other spots in his lower abdomen. The only shrinkage was near his diaphragm.

While this was very disappointing news I can't say that is was unexpected. Cody has not been feeling well lately and has has not been recovering from the chemo infusion as quickly as before. We were hoping for better news but weren't surprised that the chemo wasn't working anymore.

Time for a new chemo regimen. Cody will no longer be taking Cytoxan pills every other day and go for an infusion once a month. He will now be taking Pazopanib and Dorinostat daily. Both are chemo pills. Cody will need to return to MD Anderson Cancer Center in December for more scans to see if the new chemo regimen works.

Please continue to keep Cody in your prayers. Thank you for checking in and for all your support.


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