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Friday, January 27, 2012

Bowling Tournament

Here in Winnemucca they had a City Bowling Tournament. Monday the 23rd was Teams so The Pinheads ( name of their team ) Cody Nielson, Freddie Ziemer, Torrey Herrera bowled. Tuesdays was doubles Cody & Freddie bowled, Wednesday was singles Cody and Freddie bowled singles. It was a pretty fun time. We won't know how they placed for a few weeks. This was the first tournament Cody has bowled in for almost 2 years. It sure was nice to be involved in bowling again.
We sure have some good boys and I'm not just saying that. They really are good kids. These guys have been friends since grade school so a very long time. Now that's what I call good friendships !!!
We are still enjoying our puppy Maya. Guess she isn't a small puppy anymore. She is now 6 months old. She sure has brought so much happiness to our home. We just love her. She has been so good for all of us. She sure loves Cody and doesn't let him get to far away from her.
He has been feeling pretty good these past few months. He is only on one Chemo pill Votrient. I have been fighting the Insurance , the drug company, the pharmacy's you name it. seams like just about everyone. seams like no one wants to pay for his chemo pills. This so called system we have doesn't help people like us. It's just WRONG. so in order for Cody to have his chemo pill's he NEED'S it cost me almost $ 6 thousand dollars. yup you read this right. but what do ya do this is my son's life I'm fighting for. Hopefully next month some of my appeals will work in our favor ??? keep your fingers crossed.
I 'm not sure I should have posted anything about his chemo pills ??? I have gone back and forth with this. guess i left it on.
Anyway Cody will need a new scan again in a few months to see if the Votrient pills are working. We are heading to Salt Lake City Utah this Monday to the Huntsman Cancer Center. We are seeing a new Dr just for a second option and to see what if anything they would do different for Cody. I will keep you posted on what we find out at the Huntsman Center .
Thank you for reading our story and for keeping us in your prayers.
take care of each other !!


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