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Monday, March 5, 2012

Scan's again

Well at least Tumors haven't growen or shrunk . This is good news as long as we can keep them under control we are doing good. Cody has been feeling pretty good. The Chemo still makes him tired and is hard on his system. Dr Spraker at the Primary Childrens Hospital in Salt Lake City Utah is working on changing his chemo treatments up ........Some that insurance will pay forhopefully ??? It was so nice to go to Salt Lake City instead of making that long trip to Texas for scans. Dr Anderson from Texas is still involved with Cody's treatments, we just don't have to go there every 2-3-months, besides we have so much family that lives in Utah we get to see.
Cody is still bowling every Monday with his team The Pinheads in fact in April we head to Reno Nevada for the Pepsi & State Tourtments. Always a fun time. Lat week he bowled a 247 yes I said a 247 holly shit batman !!!!! He does love to bowl !! He is still doing school from home and is keeping up as good as he can.
I am so thankfull for you Cody for all you teach me everyday. You still never complain when you don't feel good or are in pain. You are one amazing young man. I'm so very bless to have y ou as my son. Thank you. I love you.
I'm not leaving my other 2 daughters Cheryl and Stacy out or any of the rest of my family. I truely could not do this without all your love and support. I love all of you.
A few weeks ago Cheryl came home to spend a few days with Cody. Boy were they busy. They got his room painted which it looks really good. They got some driving time in which he needed before his test comming up. It was a good vosit. Thanks for comming Cheryl !!


Cheryl said...

I had such a great time. Love my little brother! So glad we were able to get his room redone! It really needed it that mustard yellow had to go!

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