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Thursday, July 22, 2010

Cody & Texas

Hello to all of you,

I hope you are doing well & enjoying the summer. I can't believe how fast time is flying by.
We have had a busy week. We flew to Houston Texas to met with the Dr's at Md Anderson Cancer Center. Dr Hayes-Jordan is the surgeon who will be doing Cody's surgery. She is the only one that uses this new warmed chemo treatment. She has been doing this in children for 5 years now with great success. She mostly see patients who have already had surgery done by another Dr and the cancer has grown back,so she does surgery again and uses the heated chemo. It's a very long surgery 12-15 hours long. She says she always finds lots more small tumors that never show up on the scans, usually over 100 small tumors.
Cody also had a Chest X-ray & a PET Scan done. we got a lot of questions answered for us. Texas KNOWS what they are doing. We thought Salt Lake Primary Children's Hospital was High Tech, well Texas is over the hill. We were very impressed.
The Dr's were very positive about Cody's surgery and made us feel so good. We know we are in good hands and this is the place we need to be!!!!
We will be in Texas for 6 weeks. This surgery is a hard one and takes some time to recover, but Cody is one amazing kid and he has all of us behind him to help & support him. He will have a feeding tube in for about 3 weeks. One of the side effects of this warm chemo is the intestines stop working, so it takes time to get them working again. He will have a big incision down the front of his belly.
We are looking at the end of September for his surgery. So we flew back to S.L.C. Utah for his 5th round of chemo. That's where we are now. Hanging out at the hospital. At least Russ is here and can give me a break. I am going to stay at my sister Cindy's house. Then on Monday I am headed to Logan for my uncle Guy Buttars' funeral. If Russ wasn't with us I wouldn't be able to go so this I am very thankful for. Cindy & I will go up Monday & come right back.

Guess I have rambled on long enough. Thank you again for all your concerns, love & support. It really means so much to us.


(Cody's Mom)


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