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Saturday, August 14, 2010

Round 6

Cody is doing very well. He usually needs a blood transfusion between chemo rounds but he didn't need one this last time. His counts did drop but not as low and they usually do and they bounced back up on their own. It was nice to actually have a couple weeks off between chemo without having to make a trip to the hospital for blood.

Cody and his Mom headed to Salt Lake to being his 6th round of chemo on Thursday August 12th. They did a heart Echo when they first got there. This is just a precaution. Chemo is really harsh as you all know and can do damage to some of the other organs so they just wanted to make sure his heart is still functioning properly and make sure there has been no damage due to the chemo. Everything looked good. They gave Cody Dexrazoxane, which is a medication to help protect the heart since Doxorubicin can be really hard on the heart. They began chemo Thursday night after a few hours of hydration. Dr. Anderson from MD Anderson cancer center is the Doctor calling the shots now. He is working with Dr. Lemons and telling him what medications he wants administered. This round Cody got what they call a Bolus, a single large dose, of Doxorubicin over 15 min as opposed to getting it for 72 hours straight like they did the first 3 rounds. He also received Vincristine and Cytoxan every 6 hours. This time he only had 2 days of chemo which was a nice change. They will be heading home sometime today, Saturday August 14th.

One more round and then they will be heading to Texas for Surgery. Surgery is scheduled for September 23rd as of right now, as long as Cody's blood counts are good. They want to do surgery 2 weeks after the 7th round.

There is a fundraiser being held tomorrow, Sunday August 15th. It is a Taco Fundraiser at Las Margaritas (Winnemucca, NV) from Noon to 3:00 so if you are in the area please stop in and enjoy some great food and help support Cody.


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