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Wednesday, September 15, 2010

MD Anderson Pre Surgery Update

Today is day 2 in Texas and the past two days have been packed full of appointments. Yesterday Cody's day started off with an EKG(echo cardiogram)at 11:30 (central time), which is a ultra sound of his heart. He had appts every few hours which included labs, chest x-rays, nursing assessments, and the last one being a CT Scan that was at 8:40 p.m.

Today on the schedule: Audiology consult, Anesthesia Assessment, a PETCT and an appointment with the Pediatric Oncologist Dr. Pete Anderson.

Tomorrow is a little bit lighter as far as appointments as of now the only things on the schedule are a Pediatrics consultation and an appointment with Pediatric Surgery.

Friday they just have blood work. They need to type and cross Cody before surgery.

They are doing well considering but I think the emotional toll is starting to hit them all. They are pretty tired from traveling and from bouncing around from appointment to appointment. They really haven't had much time for anything. They won't know what time Cody has to check in for Surgery until Sunday morning. They are supposed to call in the morning and they will give them the check-in time. Surgery is scheduled for first thing Monday morning and will last 12-15 hrs so we won't have any answers until probably 10:00 that night.

I fly out on Sunday morning and will be in Houston until Tuesday. I know it is a short trip but I didn't want them to have to do this alone. I will at least be there to see Cody before surgery and help keep my parents company during surgery. Depending on how Cody is doing and if they are allowing visitors I am hoping to stop in in the morning to see how Cody is doing before I fly back home on Tuesday. I will do my best to update as new information comes in throughout the surgery and the recovery after. My parents are going to be so consumed with Cody and what is going on that they will not be able to do it themselves so I will do my best to keep everyone in the loop. I know there are a lot of concerned people who want to know how he is doing. Thank you all for your support and prayers, Cody needs it now more than ever.

God Bless,


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