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Tuesday, September 14, 2010

E-mail from Janae

Good morning everyone. We finally made it here to Houston Texas. We left Winnemucca Friday morning & pulled into Houston last night (Sunday) we had a few stops and took a few detours, made a good road trip. Did get pictures but we left the camera in the truck so I can't download them to share with you now, but I will get that done later.

Our day starts off @ 11:30 with an EKG then appts every 2-3 hours after that. The last one is at 8:40 p.m. so we have a long day.

Cody is doing great, like his dad he doesn't really say much. I know deep down he is feeling nervous. His only other surgery was when he was 18 months old, so he has no idea what he is in for. We have talked about everything he will be going through, but he don't want to talk about it at all. I do know that kids don't want to worry their parents so they won't tell them how they really feel. He has an appt Friday with a counselor about his surgery so I am hoping he will open up then. I keep telling Cody this is not like fixing a broken leg.

Houston is WAY to big for this little redneck girl. I don't know how the ones that live in a big city do it everyday??? More power to you that do.

As for the rest of the week appts more scans, blood work, meetings with different Dr's, etc, the only day we have nothing until his surgery on the 20th is Saturday, so we are wanting to drive over to Galveston right by the coast. Cody will be checking in the hospital on Sunday the 19th , we don't know the time as of today.

During his 12-15 hour surgery I will be going crazy??? Now I always thought I was on the crazy side anyway, so this may be very interesting. Not to many of you knew I was crazy . LOL LOL now that is funny. Cheryl is flying in Sunday afternoon & will be here until Tuesday. Thank you Cheryl . She will have her hands full trying to keep Russ & I from not going crazy.

Now that we are here starting to get ready for Cody's surgery ..... It's hitting me hard !!! Since March everything has run together and we just stumble through , now this stage we are in .... well I don't even know how, or what to say or do.

I know Cody is in every one's thoughts & prayers !!! We are so thankful to have so many family & friends, & people we don't even know supporting us. We started fighting for him almost 16 years ago by doing invitro fertilization & we made it through that, which was a miracle, now here we are fighting again for his life, so we should know what we are doing right???

Thanks again to you all !!! We love & appreciate you all.

& PLEASE God watch over everyone that has a hand in getting my son better !!! You know he is an amazing young man & a strong fighter !!!

Take of each other & always let the ones you love know you love them, never take life for granite, & love your kids like there is no tomorrow.

God bless you all,


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