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Friday, September 10, 2010

The Rough Road Ahead

Today is the day that Cody and my parents started their journey to Texas. The last 5 months seem like such a blur so much has changed and happened I feel like I have lost a huge chunk of time. I have tried to be there for Cody and my mom whenever Russ has not been able to. I have been so blessed to have been able to spend a week with all of them in Oakland and have been there for round 2 and 4 of chemo when Russ had to work. I know that that was so hard on him to not be there for them when he knows they needed him. I have always said one of the best things that has ever happened to us was Russ. Nobody could ask for a more devoted father. He would do anything for anyone of his kids and is usually the first one to jump in and offer assistance if needed. My heart goes out to my parents I could not imagine facing the struggles they are now facing. As a sister it is hard enough but as a parent it is unimaginable.

I just have to say thank you to all the family and friends. Without your support they could not do what they have done and are about to do. Cody is such an amazing person and I am so proud to be his sister. I am going to try to keep Cody's blog up to date as new news comes in before, during, and after surgery. I also plan on making updates on Facebook via the "Striking Back with Cody" group (!/group.php?gid=147519478612961) I created to keep those on facebook connected and updated on Cody.

A special thank you to all the Hams who have pitched in to help take care of the house and animals every time they have had to leave for treatment. You have also done so much as far as fundraisers, where do I begin to express my gratitude. We are truly blessed to have such a great, supportive family. I really don't know what they would do without you guys, you are amazing. I only wish I lived closer. One of the hardest things for me is being so far away. I feel so completely helpless which is why I have been maintaining the blog, at least I feel like I am doing something. I am flying to Houston for a few days so I can be there for Cody's surgery. Wish I could be there longer but I do plan on possibly making a trip back later if/when I am needed.

I know that you all are already doing so, but please say a few extra prayers on Cody and my parents behalf, for the next few months are going to be rough, but with the support of family, friends and God on our side anything is possible.

Dear Lord, please watch over the Doctors, nurses and other medical staff who will be watching over and caring for Cody, give them the guidance and wisdom needed to help Cody with his battle. Please give Cody and my parents the strength and courage needed to face the difficulties that lie ahead. In your name I pray, Amen.



Janae said...

Thank you Cheryl. Thank you everyone who has, is, helping us. no words can tell you just how we really feel. may god bless you all

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