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Wednesday, December 29, 2010

The Not So Good News

Cody with Dr. Pete Anderson Oncologist at MD Anderson Cancer Center in Houston, TX.

As you all know Cody has been undergoing Doctor Consults and testing the last couple of days at MD Anderson. He had a bone marrow biopsy done today. The results aren't back on the biopsy yet, it may take a couple days to get those results. After the biopsy they had a consult with Dr. Anderson to go over the results of the scan. Here is where the not so good news comes in.

According to the scans the chemo has not been working as well as they would like. The scans showed a few "hot spots" on some lymph nodes in his lower back as well as the liver. Dr. Hayes-Jordan was able to remove all visible tumors during surgery but with this type of cancer there are several microscopic cells that can not be seen which is why they were told Cody would need up to 12 months of chemo following surgery to try to make sure they kill all the microscopic cancer cells so the tumors would not come back. As we all know this is a very aggressive, fast growing cancer so the chances of it coming back are great.

Since the chemo is not working a new plan has been developed. They are changing the chemo. Instead of getting chemo every 2 weeks for 5 days Cody will now have 3 weeks of chemo and then have 1 week off. Cody will be taking Cytoxan again but this time in pill form. He will be taking Cytoxan every morning for 3 weeks. Along with the Cytoxan he will also need a combination of other chemos. The other chemos Dr. Anderson mentioned using include Docetaxel (generic name Taxotere), Navelbine, Gemzar,and Avastin. Dr. Anderson has formulated a plan using a combination of a couple of the above mentioned chemos if they don't see the results they would like using this combination he plans on changing and trying some of the others. We aren't sure as of now exactly which he plans on using it was a lot of information thrown out so over the next couple of days the plan will become more clear.

Tomorrow Cody is scheduled for a consult with the doctor that will be doing the Stem Cell Retrieval. Stem Cell Retrieval is necessary for the 8H9 Clinical trail at Memorial Sloan-Kettering. The 8H9 is a form of radiation that is given directly into the abdomen to help kill cancer cells. It is sort of like the heated chemo that was administered directly into the abdomen after surgery but with radiation. They still aren't sure if they are going to go to New York for the clinical trial but they are doing the Stem Cell Retrieval just in case that is something they decide to do. In preparation for the Stem Cell Retrieval Cody will need to have shots of Neupogen for 4 days which will begin on Friday. Stem Cell Retrieval will be done on Monday January 3rd. As of right now they are anticipating starting chemo on January 10th and will continue until January 21st. They aren't sure yet if they will start radiation they still need the radiation doctor to go over test results before a decision is made.

We've all known that this cancer is a nasty one and that this would be a long hard road. No matter how hard you try to prepare yourself you still can't really be fully prepared for what really lies ahead all we can do is keep praying and have faith that all will work out in the end. I will continue to keep everyone informed as things contine to change. There are still a lot of things to decide and more testing to be done so for now this is where it lies.


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