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Monday, January 10, 2011

The New Plan is Underway

Last week was a rough week for Cody. Monday he was scheduled for Stem Cell Retrieval. He had to have surgery to insert the catheter into his femoral artery for stem cell collection. It was a long rough day things didn't get started on time so everything was delayed. They were only able to get 1.3 million stem cells the first day so he had to go back on Tuesday to collect the rest of the 2 million stem cells they needed. They left the catheter in until Wednesday when they did another blood draw to make sure they got what they needed. Then it was back into surgery to remove the catheter. Cody was very glad to get it removed it was very painful having the catheter in. After having he catheter removed Cody was sent over to radiation where they created a few small molds for his body to help hold him in the necessary position for when he has radiation. They were there for awhile getting machines and things situated to make sure the radiation is given in the exact location necessary.

They had a little break over the weekend and were even able to squeeze in a little fun. Cody and his parents went to the Rocket vs Jazz Basketball game on Saturday 1/8. The Jazz pulled out a win in OT and made for a very fun and exciting game.

Cody started the new chemo regimen today. The new chemo includes Cytoxan by mouth in the form of a pill. He has to take this every morning for 3 weeks. Along with the Chemo pill he will have Navelbine IV on days 1, 8, and 15. The Navelbine only takes about 10 minutes to infuse. He will get 1 week off and start all over again. Today he took both the Cytoxan and the Navelbine and so far is feeling good.

Radiation starts on Wednesday. Cody will get radiation every day for a total of 20 doses of radiation.

It's going to be a long three more weeks in Houston but hopefully this new chemo will do it's job and kill the caner cells better than the last chemo regimen.

Once again thank you for the continued support and prayers.


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