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Friday, February 11, 2011

Ringing Out!!!

Today was Cody's final Radiation treatment. After being away from home for 48 days (they left the day after Christmas) they are on their way home!!! Finally!!!!

Stem Cell Retrieval, scans, several lab draws, change in chemo plan, platelet transfusion and 20 days of Radiation it's been a long almost 2 months.

There is a tradition at MD Anderson in the Radiation department. When a patient finishes their last round of Radiation they get to "Ring Out" by ringing the bell 3 times.

It's been a long hard couple months. Cody has done so well through it all. He did have to have a Platelet transfusion yesterday. The Chemo and Radiation have finally taken a bit of a toll on him and his counts are low.

They found an Oncologist out of Carson City who has decided to take Cody on as a patient. MD Anderson is still following Cody and calling the shots but instead of traveling to Salt Lake City all the time they have found a Doctor closer to home who will be helping in Cody's treatment. Dr. Perez will be visiting Patients in Winnemucca so Cody will be able to follow up with Dr. Perez when he is in town and hopefully not have to be away from home so much. Winnemucca isn't set up to give chemo so when Cody's once a week IV infusion of Chemo is due he will go to Fallon, NV to get it (a lot closer than Salt Lake). This is a huge relief because it has really been hard on Cody being away from home so much and for so long. He misses his friends and would like to get back to "normal life" as much as possible.

There is still a long road ahead but for now they are looking forward to spending some time at home.


Irma Linda said...

Just started following your blog. My son also has DSRCT.
What kind of radiation did Cody have?
My 15 year old son is at MSKCC for treatment. He just finished 10 weeks of chemo spread over 7 months. He is having surgery on April 25th and will be doing the I-8H9 radiation trial at MSKCC. The iodine will be pushed through an abdominal catheter.
Needless to say, he is not looking forward to it at all.
You can reach me by email.
Irma Sanchez
Zeph's mom

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