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Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Chemo on Hold for now

There really hasn't been a whole lot to report lately. Cody is home and has been off chemo for a few weeks now. They decided to give him a break after he finished radiation in Texas to let his body recover and allow his blood counts to go back up. Cody had a platelet transfusion on February 16th and then on February 20th he had to have more platelets and blood. His counts have come up enough that he doesn't need another transfusion for now but not enough to start chemo. He was supposed to start chemo on the first but his counts are still too low so they aren't sure when they will start now. For now they are watching his counts and waiting for them to come up.

Cody is glad to be home finally and has been able to spend a little time hanging out with his friends. His counts are still low so he has been really tired and not able to do a lot but just having friends stop in to visit has really helped to lift his spirits a bit. He is starting to get tired of everything and wished he could just have a break. Who would blame him? At the end of the month it will be 1 year since this whole nightmare began.

Thank you to all who continue to keep Cody in your prayers and are always checking in on him. It really helps to know there are so many people out there rooting for him and offering their support in so many ways.

God Bless!!


Anonymous said...

hi i am 15 years old and i also have dsrct... i read ur blog all the time, on one of my days of most depression i got inspired and wrote this on my blackberry during studyhall.... thought i should share it with someone going through what im going through... i know this might sound offensive, but by no circumstances do i mean to offend anybody by posting this...

confessions of a 15 year old with cancer,

Some day ill grow my hair back... And I will stop being as ugly as I am finally.... Right now o fell like an ugly piece of shit, yesss! And ugly piece of fucking shit.... Why does my life have to suck so much?.... I feel like I was born to suffer and to live the worst life someone can have... Why me? Why not somebody who already lived their life to the fullest and is not starting to open his eyes to the fucking world.... Does god really exist? Or is it just a belief that let's people think they'll be around after they're dead? I try to convince myself that there is something watching out for us... But is there? Every time you look at the world and how it is you fell like you are alone in the world, like there is nothing... The worst part of it is thinking that i might not be able to fulfill everything that I had planned... And I'm only 15, you're supposed to die in your 80's not in your teens! Your supposed to be enjoying your life and having sex, and getting high, and going to all the parties you can.... Not be thinking about when your next cycle of chemotherapy and radiation is... And yes there might be good people out there that give you things for you to "forget" about your disease... well is a trip to disney really going to save your life... Or is it just gonna remind you more that you are at disney because you have CANCER... Would you like to think tat your life is how it is because god has good things planned ahead of you, or just because your life sucks and you might not be able to live to see your kids being born, or have a diploma in your hands saying that you have become a lawyer or a doctor or an engineer.... Instead you might end up buried six feet bellow the ground, with only the company of the bacteria that are decomposing you, and a bunch more casualties of the cruelty of this world... Maybe some day this nightmare will end.....

Anonymous said...

Hi, my name is Kirsten and my 14 yr old daughter, Rhema, has DSRCT also. She was diagnosed on January 23, 2009. I completely understand the whole "need a break" thing. My daughter took a month long break and now we are back in the trenches. Feel free to visit her caringbridge site. It is:
Or you can contact me on Facebook under Kirsten Butler or her under Rhema Butler
Blessings to you all!

WinN said...

Hey, Cody!
Just wanted you to know how much I care and that I pray for the Good Lord's choicest blessings on you and your enduring family. I Love you and your dear family, guy!
Always remember that Grandma is watching...
Grampa N

Janae said...

To Anonymous,
Cody never really say's how he feels... but as his mother i totally understand , except for I want to fix him and make him better and I can't. That's the hard part for a parent.
I have so much anger that has built up. I watch Cody going through all you guys have to go through. It's not fair at all. I just don't understand !!!!. I am so sorry you are going through this same kind of cancer. So what do we do and where do we go from here ? Have you had surgery ? I would like it if you e-mailed me. Take care ans thanks for leaving your comment on Cody's blog !!!
Janae 9 Cody's Mom )

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