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Saturday, March 19, 2011

Back on Chemo

Cody and his Mom made a trip to Logan to stay with our Grandparents and visit the rest of the extended family last weekend. It was nice to see everyone. Grandma counted 26 people at her house. Everyone stopped in to visit throughout the day. It is so nice to have such a loving supportive family.

Cody finally started chemo again after having a few weeks off. It took longer for his blood counts to come back up than they expected. Monday March 14th Cody started taking Cytoxan orally (by mouth) he will take that every Monday, Wednesday and Friday. Tuesday the 15th Cody and his Mom headed to Fallon to see Dr. Perez and get his once a week dose of IV Chemo Navelbine. It was so nice to not have to travel so far for chemo.

Cody is planning on going back to school after spring break on April 4th. He will start of by taking just a couple of classes and slowly ease back into it. He will continue to take courses online as well. They are also talking about having a tutor come to the house for a few hours a week as well.

They do have to head back to Texas on the 27th. Cody is scheduled to have a scan on the 28th and then a follow up with Dr. Anderson (Oncologist) and Dr. McAleer (Radiation Oncologist) on the 30th to go over the results. Praying that we get good news next week and Cody's scans will be clean with no signs of cancer.


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