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Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Good News From Texas!!!

There really hasn't been too much to blog about recently so sorry for not posting in awhile. I am happy to say that we have some great news to share.

Cody flew to Texas on Sunday June 26th. He was scheduled to have labs, a chest x-ray and a PET Scan done at MD Anderson Cancer Center on Monday June 27th, followed by an appointment with Dr. Anderson. This was not really a trip they were looking forward to. There is always a chance that the chemo isn't working and that the cancer has grown, news no one wants to hear. The last time they went for scans there were 3 hot spots they were going to keep an eye on, one up by his left clavicle in a lymph node and the other 2 down in the abdominal and pelvic region where the 2 larger tumors were removed back in September.

Dr. Anderson had good news to share. The tumors have shrunk "considerably". He was very pleased with the way things looked, in fact, Cody's blood counts were the best Dr. Anderson has seen in Cody since he began treating him. This is great news. Cody hasn't needed a blood transfusion or a platelet transfusion since back in February. Dr. Anderson did make a couple little changes. Cody has had to have his blood drawn once a week, now he will only need it drawn every 2 weeks. Also, Cody has been taking a chemo pill (Cytoxan) 5 days a week Monday-Friday. He will now be taking it everyday. He will continue to go to Dr. Perez once a month for his IV Chemo Infusion either in Fallon or Carson City, NV like he has been doing. The chemo is obviously working so they want to keep him on the same chemo regimen for now just adding those 2 days of the chemo pill.

Cody does need to have his central line removed. Cody has had problems with certain tapes and skin protectants since he had the line placed over a year ago. Certain products cause an allergic reaction so they have had to be careful about what they use when changing the dressing. For the last few weeks Cody's skin has been really itchy, red and irritated where the dressing is. Dr. Anderson said there is a slight infection so the line needs to come out. They are not worried since it looks like they caught it in time but the line does have to come out. There is a risk the infection could spread if it isn't removed. It is a surgical procedure to remove the line so once they get home they will figure out when and where to have it removed. It will be good to have the Broviac Central line removed it will free Cody up a bit. Since the line can't get wet he has had to cover it in order to shower and it needs to be flushed out daily and the dressing changed once a week. It will be nice to not have to worry about it anymore. The downside to having the line removed is he will need to be poked every time he has a blood draw or his IV Chemo, but now they are only doing blood draws twice a month and the IV infusion once a month it really won't be that bad.

It was a short trip but well worth it to get such good news. Lets hope the chemo keeps doing it's job and Cody keeps tolerating it as well as he has been. The next scan will be done sometime in October so for now it's time to go home and enjoy the summer!!!


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