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Thursday, June 16, 2011

Kinda Quiet

Things have been kinda quiet around here. Cody has been doing good with his chemo pills an having an IV infusion once a month. It's nice not having to travel so far for his treatments. We have been enjoying being home !!.
We will head back to Houston Texas to MdAnderson Cancer Center for more CT scans, Pet scans, Chest Xrays, and any other tests they throw at us. Hopefully Cody won't need another 2 weeks on radiation. We will find out the 26Th of June after his scans. I hope not.
We are truly bless with just how well Cody has been doing. So many prayers have been answered. Thank you for all the prayers you have sent our way.
We have a Team Cody for the August 13Th here in Winnemucca Nevada.Relay for life with the American Cancer Society. So come join us or donate, It's a very good cause. look up Team Cody. Thanks.
Thank you so much for all your support and for checking in with us!!!! We head to Texas June 26Th and Cody has lots of tests on Monday the 27Th so we will have more news, GOOD new i hope.
May god bless you and make sure you tell the ones you love that you love them everyday. Cherish your loved ones!!! Take care of each other.
Thanks again
Janae Nielson Cody's mom :)


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