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Tuesday, August 28, 2012

A Week of Mixed Emotions

Last week was a rough week. Cody was very jaundice looking. His skin as well as the whites of his eyes were starting to turn really yellow. They called the home health nurse, Kayla, out to draw blood to see what his counts were. Yellowing of the skin and eyes could mean possible liver failure. Blood results showed elevated biliruben so they headed to Salt Lake City on Monday. Cody spent the week in Utah. Monday August 20th Cody had an Ultrasound and met with Dr. Spraker-Perlman . The ultrasound showed some blockages between the liver and gallbladder. They could not tell by the ultrasound if they were stones or tumors. Cody has been experiencing a lot of back pain so they did a chest x-ray Tuesday and a PET scan was done on Wednesday.

 Cody turned 17 on August 23rd
so they took a break and headed up to Logan to spend the day with family.
  Cody had a great birthday at his Grandparents house
and got to visit with several family memebers that stopped in to visit.

Friday Cody headed back to Salt Lake City to talk with the doctor. The test results were not good. The tumors have grown and radiation did not work on the tumors in his neck. There was a considerable amount of grown which explains all the nausea and pain Cody has been experiencing. Since the IV meds were keeping his nausea under control better than the oral ones they decided to hook him up to a pain pump that continuously pumps pain meds and he has a button he can push to give him extra as needed when the pain attacks  hit. They are still giving nausea meds every few hours IV. The IV pain and nausea meds have helped to keep his nausea and pain under control. He still has a lot of both but it is a lot better than before. The tumors are putting a lot of pressure on his organs and pushing things out of place. Due to the tumors pressing on organs his body isn't processing and filtering things properly. The tumors in and around his liver are causing it to not function properly.

They headed back home after getting the pump set up. Cody is now back home. He has been doing better now that they have the pain and nausea better managed but he still has more bad days then good. At this point we are all just taking things one day at a time.


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