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Monday, August 20, 2012

More Testing

Cody is heading to Salt Lake City Huntsman Cancer Center today. He is scheduled to have an ultrasound late this afternoon as well as a PET scan on Wednesday. He will have appointment's with a few doctors while there. One being with his Oncologist Dr. Holly Spraker. They will see the doctor after his ultrasound today. He has also been having problems with the dressings on his port. He has sensitive skin and always breaks out with hives and blisters under neither the bandages. They have yet to find one that does not cause skin irritation. They will meet with a skin specialist while there to see if there are any other options they have not tried as far as dressings.

He hasn't been doing well and now has yellowing of the eyes and skin. Labs showed elevated bilirubin levels so the doctor is concerned he may have a tumor pressing on his liver causing it to not function properly. They still have not been able to get his pain under control. Hopefully the scans and tests this week will help them get a better idea what is going on inside so they can figure out what the next step for treatment will be. Hopefully we will have some answers in the next week or so. We will know more after they meet with the doctors on where they will go from here. I will post more once we have a better idea about what is going on.



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